Signs of Living (and Dying) Churches

(Cited on Facebook by Pastor Manny Santiago, as published by Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Port Charlotte, FL)


Living churches always have a parking problem; dying churches don’t.

Living churches are constantly changing their methods; dying churches don’t have to.

Living churches have lots of noisy kids; dying churches are quiet.

Living churches’ expenses always exceed their income; dying churches take in more than they ever dream of spending.

Living churches are constantly improving and planning for the future; dying churches worship the past.

Living churches grow so fast you forget people’s names; dying churches you’ve known everyone’s names for years.

Living churches move forward and out in faith; dying churches operate totally by sight.

Living churches support community work heavily; dying churches keep it all at home.

Living churches are filled with healthy pledgers; dying churches are filled with tippers.

Living churches dream great dreams of beloved community; dying churches relive nightmares.

Living churches have the fresh wind of love blowing; dying churches are stale with bickering.

Living churches don’t have can’t in their vocabulary; dying churches have nothing but.

Living churches EVANGELIZE, dying churches fossilize.


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