"Christ's History, and Ours"

As we celebrate Christmas* season, it is necessary to remember and reflect on what all of this is about. Christmas is not about lights and songs and food and presents. Christmas is about the incarnation, God's act of becoming one of us, God doing the unimaginable, God leaving the realm of "heaven" and dwelling among our earthly struggles. To that effect, Gustavo Gutiérrez reminds us that:
"The Lord is not intimidated by the darkness or by the rejection of his own. His light is stronger than all the shadows. If we are to dwell in the tent the Son has pitched in our midst, we must enter into our own history here and now, and nourish our hope on the will to life that the poor of our continent are demonstrating. If we do so, we shall experience in our flesh the encounter with the Word who proclaims the kingdom of life."**
Christ is not some abstract philosophy. Christ is not a once-a-week "worship" gathering. Christ is not a series of meaningless rituals. Christ is concrete. The Christ event is an invitation to (re)connect our faith with our daily life. We are called to embody Christ love for God and for the neighbors (especially the vulnerable and powerless neighbors) in our here and now.

So help us God.

*The period between Christmas Day (December 25) to the day before Epiphany (January 6).
**In Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas, p. 253.


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